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The time has come to share my Legacy Jewelry tidbits online.  I have had such fun creating this jewelry line.  People ask me questions all the time like how I came up with this idea, where to purchase the jewelry, do I make special orders, etc.  A blog seems like a good place to document these answers, show you new designs, and any other stories that come to mind.  So here goes!

Some freshly collected chips and a finished pendant

Wilmington Rock Necklace Collection  In 1906, a large boulder was moved to a site on the campus of Wilmington College in front of what is now the administration building.  This was dedicated as a gift to the college that year by the Senior class.  Over the past 25 plus years, it has become a tradition to paint what was once known as the “kissing rock.”  Students use this venue to proclaim devotion to Greek life, sporting events, campus life, political causes, and social events.  As time and weather take their toll, chips of layered paint fall to the ground.  My daughter, Sabrina, and I have picked up these paint pieces and wondered what stories they could tell.  While thinking about the years of painting, the people involved, and the events that the layers of paint depicted, I was struck with an inspiration to create mementos. To create the necklaces I select an interesting chip, shape it, file it to expose the layers of paint, and coat it with layers of acrylic lacquer.  I wrap the paint “gem” with wire and sometimes I add beads, to make the pendant, then attach it to a neck cord to complete the piece. My parents attended Wilmington College, met there, even married on campus the same day my Dad graduated.  My brothers and I grew up attending college reunions with my parents and the “W.C. gang of ’53”.  One brother also graduated from Wilmington, and my husband, Lee, works at Watson Library.  This campus holds many memories for my family and friends.

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Alumni weekend show

This is Alumni Weekend at Wilmington College.  On Saturday June 7, 2014 I will be selling my jewelry in the Boyd Center lobby from 8:30 a.m. to noon.  I’ve been working on many new designs and I’m excited for this opportunity to show them.  Please stop by to say hello and take home a piece of campus history!100_2891









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Creating a pendant; a slideshow

Since I enjoy learning about other people’s creative process while producing art, I thought I would share how I create a pendant from start to finish.  This piece was created from a paint chip off of the Wilmington College rock.  Hope you enjoy this peek into my creative journey.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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